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That scalp feeling ........

Updated: Apr 1

Isn't it funny how we spend a lot of money on our faces and we forget about the skin on our scalp, we actually don't even notice our scalp until we are faced with scalp problems like an itchy scalp or a tight scalp or an oily scalp. I was chatting with one of our clients about this then it dawned on me why this happens.

Our face is what we see and present to people alongside great hair. To many the scalp is a place where your hair sprouts from. The difference is you only notice your scalp when it is telling you that it is unhappy.

I will give general advice today but please if you notice that your scalp is sending you messages that it is unhappy let your stylist know at your next visit. For a more detailed examination of the skin ailments a trade certified hairdresser is your best choice as they are trained in scalp care. THEY will not hesitate to speak up and tell you if they notice lumps and bumps on your scalp at any of your appointments and suggest options. It is a duty of care.

Hints for Scalp Health

Water: Yep, drink it and it is free hydration!

Antioxidant foods: These gems keep your skin young by firing off at free radicals throughout your body!

Basic Hygiene: Brush your hair from the roots to the ends no matter what the length of your hair. This moves your natural hair oils around the scalp and naturally hydrates the skin. Wash your hair or rinse whatever you prefer (some people don't like shampoos) at least weekly.

Applying makeup: Ladies and some men when you apply up to the hair line, make sure in your evening routine you do cleanse up the hair line as this will stop product build up and allow your scalp to breathe.

Shaved heads: apply sunscreen to your scalp this will protect the skin and you will also need to use a shampoo to remove the residue of the sunscreen at the end of day. Also apply a conditioner as a moisturiser and rinse out.

Hat wearing: Your scalp can get very heated and sweaty, another reason to wash your hair and scalp to remove sweat /oil build up.

Wigs: Glued or unglued these are very hot! If you are undergoing treatment and have lost your hair you still need to wash your scalp. I would always recommend the most gentle shampoo and apply a conditioner too as a moisturiser and rinse out.

Hair extensions: Make sure you lift your hair up especially around the bonds of the hair, rinse out your shampoo and conditioner for a longer period of time and don't forget to separate the hair sections before you go to bed this will stop matting and will be beneficial when cleansing your hair.

How to cleanse your hair correctly.

When you wash your hair in the shower you cannot reach the scalp to rinse out the shampoo and conditioners. You only end up taking care of the outer hair.

To wash your hair effectively you need to be able to feel the water on the scalp. How ? by lifting up the hair close to the scalp and by using your fingers as claws to move your hair around. This will allow the water in to remove the shampoo & conditioner and this stops product build up which can cause flaky skin.

I will just touch on the two major pain points that are always being mentioned in one on one consultations to give you some clarity.

Oily Scalp

More finer hair types suffer from flat oily hair.

Most of the time this is more from environments ie living in a humid climate. Finer hair absorbs moisture thus making your hair flat, limp and oily.

Or you are using a very rich shampoo or conditioner or both.

Also on the odd occasions hormones or an overactive sebaceous gland does produce to much sebum which is your scalp's natural lubricant. Unfortunately there is a smell associated with this. You will need to visit a doctor to find stronger remedies and to get an exact diagnosis on that condition. These are NOT that common. As stated above a trade certified hairdresser can help with earlier detection of these.

Flaky dry scalp

This tends to go hand in hand with seasonal changes and stress.

By not cleansing your hair correctly you could be leaving residue on the scalp therefore without knowing creating a buildup of product on the scalp.

As you may know or not your skin sheds every day and if there is a residue blocking this process your scalp skin will build up creating flaky scalp. Try the instructions above for cleansing your hair correctly before embarking on the expensive process of finding a cure.

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