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Gilt’s Pda this week?! Women’s short haircuts!!

Muse of week is ....Kristen Stewart! 

Kristen Stewart's new movie Love Lies Bleeding is out now, as expected Kristen is everywhere!! As is her fresh eclectic style so we at Gilt have decided to show our Pda for her, especially all her hair looks.

As Kristen is no stranger to chopping her looks off, colouring them, having her hair high styled for events, as well as being a brand ambassador for Chanel.

Kristen shines bright as an icon for us to fawn over and to take inspiration from.

In this blog we are going to showcase some of Kristen’s devilishly majestic hair looks and hopefully inspire you to live in poetic hair motion like she does effortlessly. 

Let us begin,

Current look is authentic 80's mullet here she is show casing this look in the Rolling Stone February 2024.

Next hair look is her at Met Gala 2023 wearing Chanel of course and rocking this de constructed Quiff look.

With this cool grunge chic look for the Oscars in 2024 the juxtaposition of the hair textures gives the look an updated feel.

Here is her take on the new "hydro bob" for when she was featured in The Hollywood Reporter.

In 2020 this feature for InStyle magazine showed her growing out a full head bleach while having a highly softened ended bob.

The last look we decided upon, shows just how fearless she is with her hair! This look has reminiscence of the British Ska scene, this particular hair cut was coined "rude girl."

Would you like to be bold and try a new hair cut? Book here to see one of our Hairstylist's.

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