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It’s the party season! Our favourite time of year here at Gilt!!

Last year festive celebrations were cancelled or were subdued due to Covid. Not this year! It’s time to put on the glad rags and get your hair “party season fabulous”. This is where ghd leads the pack!

We have some hair inspiration and hot hair tips so you can create fabulous party hair this festive season.

ghd curls

Curls really need to be brushed out ladies!! Big open 70s swing curls are the way forward.

Once you’ve used your ghd straightener to make your curls, you absolutely must brush them out. If not, you’ll end up with old fashioned curls not 2022/23 curls! Do not be a boring corporate powerhouse! Come on ladies, kick your heels up!!!

Couple of styling tips:

  1. Wait until your curls have cooled down before you brush them out.

  2. Use either a GHD wide tooth comb or a cushion brush.

  3. There’s no need to section the hair - you can brush it out in four strokes.

  4. Start at the top of your head around the face first. Put firm pressure on the brush and brush all the way to the ends in one stroke.

Straight Ironed Hair

Nothing screams hair health like beautiful shiny straight hair. It gives me hair envy! Big Time!

Number one tip: make sure you leave some volume in the root area (don’t make your hair flat at the roots). Poker straight hair is not flattering - believe me after suffering years of having dull straight hair I KNOW (and with a round face to boot too!!) To make it really party season hair - add shine spray to the finished looks for that extra liquid hair look. Beautiful.

Here are couple more tips for you:

  1. Use a paddle or round brush when blow-waving to smooth out the ends.

  2. Section the hair then place a comb in front of the ghd and make the ghd follow the comb down to the ends of the hair.

  3. Apply Eimi Glam mist spray.

Visit Gilt’s YouTube channel for more tutorials.

Festive Pony Tails & Top Knots

At Gilt we have a rule for staff - no boring top knots and ponytails! They lack imagination and we should be an inspiration to those who come into the salon. So when I saw these fabulous new bejewelled ponytails from ghd I thought “Hell Yes! Let’s have some fun!!!!

I have a thing for glitter and rhinestones from when I was obsessed with Elivs (a friend and I used to follow Elivs impersonators).

So when this clip dropped this week on Ghd channel my excitement levels were feverish.

Here are two examples, one of a ponytail and one of a bejewelled top knot that are fabulous to wear to events.

Gilt’s Festive Ponytail:

  1. Brush all the hair off the face and towards the back of the neck (nape area)

  2. Keep the pony low it is better for the hair jewels

  3. Always wrap hair around the hair band

  4. Run the GHD Hot Stylers thru the pony tail for the extra shine and finish

  5. Place the hair jewels on. Beautiful

Festive Top Knot Gilts Version

  1. Brush all hair up into the middle of the head place in a hair pony

  2. Twist the ponytail around to add a little more dram to the top knot clip in place

  3. Add the hair jewels!!

Visit Gilt’s YouTube channel for more tutorials.

Merry Christmas!

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