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Do not blink! You could miss summer!!

Updated: Apr 1

Summer 23/34 incoming hair trends

Let's start with what seems to be taking curly hair to the effortless limits of cool!

Bed hair curls.. so here is an lazy approach to curly hair to make this look more authentic allow the frizz to grow throughout the day without applying heavy product allow the hair to embrace its natural personality

We offer and would suggest using light finishing products.

Fringe trends

Butterfly fringe

The fringe is heavy with a gentle part, then flicks softly out like butterfly wings. It suits all face shapes and adds a light summer feel to your hair style.

Skinny fringe

All you need to create this look is the minimum amount of hair possible the more strand like this are on trend. This is a great fringe to get if your feeling unsure if a fringe will suit.

Hair cut trends

High end mullet

Like us all everything matures and diversifies even the Mullet!

This is a more glamorous take on the mullet. All you need to do to soften your existing mullet. How? Grow out the punk short pieces soften out the wayward poky length and when styling use a round brush to tame the fluff.


Barbie blonde

This was always going to be a summer trend bringing back the blonde intensive. Nothing says luxurious than a high maintenance colour! Lux blondes never go brassy they always have there inbetween toners booked.

Peek a boo

This new hair trend allows you to play with incredibly bright colour hues without the full commitment of demanding fashion shades require for upkeep.

This technique can be achieved using keratin bond hair extensions. Keratin bond extension fashion and pastel ranges are vibrant! Incredibly helpful if you have colour allergies.

Natural shine colour

This is a salon favourite and only takes a small amount of time. This is very subtle yet fully effective in the shiny hair department; these work best for tone on tone colours. Perfect addition to any hair service.

*Nb: Images are from online sources.


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