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Nitty, Gritty Menopause

Updated: Apr 1

Yes unfortunately as we get older everything changes.. for us women that means  your hair and scalp can change especially around perimenopause and menopause.

We not only have to deal with the inner turmoil that our body goes through, there are also a lot of other side effects that can happen to our hair & scalp. 


Body begins to drop in oestrogen levels which can lead your body into multitude of changes, some are listed below. 

Hair breakage.

Hair can end up feeling incredibly dry there is no more natural oils and hydration. Hair can become more brittle and break off. If you have noticed this is happening there is one product that has been developed to help with hormonal hair loss that I totally back as a stylist is Nioxin as it strengthen the hair to make it feel more robust and helps to stop the hair from breaking. 

Texture of hair can completely change. 

It’s not uncommon for the hair texture to change while going through these body changes, your hair can feel more wiry and look flat and dull it’s also not unusual for straight hair to turn curly and fluffy as  you start noticing that your hair is changing it is a great idea to talk to your stylist and look at changing your home hair care products. If you are struggling to manage your hair changes this is a great time to start thinking about changing your haircut and update your home hair stylers. 

Grumpy Scalps.

As the oestrogen fluctuates up and down so does the body's natural oil production this can lead to your scalp feeling dry and very grumpy causing a flaky scalp or even more serious flares up of dandruff and even psoriasis. If you regularly get your hair coloured you may also notice that the hair colour that you were able to put on your scalp without any uncomfortable or noticeable feeling now slightly tings!! While you are going through these noticeable changes in your body this is a great time to look at trying new colours or even better  request a patch test before you get your hair coloured I would recommend this if you have noticed that your skin & scalp has become incredibly dry and grumpy. 

Thinning hair.

Unfortunately this is common. We all suffer from either our hair feeling less or noticeably losing hair however there  are solutions available the most popular service that we can offer is hair filling. This is performed by applying keratin bond extension to fill in the gaps and make your hair feel thicker. 

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