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New Hair Trend Alert

We have great new hair inspiration.. Just for you!!

If I told you about a quick hair colour that can add super duper mirror shine to your hair while enhancing your natural hair colour and adding a bit of spark to lift your current hair shade, would you be keen?

Wella have launched a new colour range called Shinefinity. This quick colour adds so much extra shine and softness to your hair that it will feel unrecognisable to you and give your friends extreme hair envy! It takes 20 minutes and the resulting lustre is remarkable. It's a new salon favourite with no disappointing results!

Now unless you have been living under a rock there is a lot of excitement around the new Barbie movie starring the ultimate blonde bombshell Margot Robbie and believe or not, Ryan Gosling as Ken. We can't give men any advice on how to recreate that man's abs but the blonde hair we can help you all day long!!

Winter/Spring 2023 is going to be BLONDE, BLONDE and BLONDE. Not balayage not dark roots but light blonde baby!! We have a few ideas how to make this newer hair trend work for you! The shade of blonde will vary because of your skin tone. Warmer or olive skin tones don't suit ash/grey tones as they make your skin look red. However you do suit the gorgeous warmer hues of soft champagne or a flick of golden honey (not waka gold) being hit by the afternoon sun.. gorgeous!!! Cooler skin tones have the opposite effect; they suit cooler platinum or the milky white hues reflecting from their blonde strands as you go about your business around town.

Lets face it, asking for a full head of foils feels bland AF. However, if your stylist is up with the play they can change your mind on this very quickly by alternating different sectioning patterns to give your full head of foils a fresh gorgeous look without the dark roots.

Now darker heads don't despair!! We can change your hair colour too by doing foils that keep in line with your hair colour and add edgy textured by colour blocking your hair, either at the sides or maybe a few pieces of face framing. What is colour blocking?? It is creating a bespoke colour point of interest in your luscious mane without fully committing to a full head colour. Or if you're feeling a little more risque, we have a great colour technique called “the peel”. This is where we intertwine two hair colours with similar tones such as copper and red to create a glistening hair colour look that people just can't get enough of!

Long to medium length haircuts for women are more layered around the face in the coming seasons creating a whimsical modern day movement!! Nothing like flicking your hair on the run (while leaving to make an impression of course) or having cute face framing to offset your quick updo!

Hair styling is back to polished - either straight with natural root lift which gives your hair fabulous movement or bouncing curls created by tong stylers. Barrel tongs are the new favourite way to curl your hair!! Why do you ask? Let me tell you as a recent convert to using the GHD Tong Stylers. Honey it's all about the root lift using a tong makes me feel like I have a salon finish every time. I get maximum height (being vertically challenged I need a lot of help). But wait there's more… the barrel curl fully curves my hair sections perfectly every time giving me the ultimate chic Monroe finish while leaving it soft and shiny.

Who doesn't want Hollywood hair???

* All Images from online.

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