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Lovers!! Hair Lovers!!

Hello Hair Lovers!!!

Having you in our lives is a pleasure and something so spectacular to us.

Thank you for allowing us to share in your special moments.

From seeing yourself for the first time in the mirror in our space allowing us into your most personal space to touch your head (that is a really a big thing ) to allowing us to see all of you and your self-imagined faults.

We feel privileged to work alongside you to create your armour for the world to see you as you authenticate your values and yourself daily.

Thanks for allowing us to share your life's biggest moments, such as your first haircut in a salon, being there when you have met “the one”, helping you change your look when it ends with “the one”, doing a blow wave for “that special date”, helping you get the perfect look for your special day.

Helping you navigate the loss in your life, grieving your lost baby or coming in to get your hair done before you bury the love of your life, your best friend of 50 years. I have even gone into a hospice to make someone feel special before they pass. That was a great honour for me.

Seeing your life grow, having the littlies come in with you and see them grow into incredible young people.

Dealing with the anger, frustration, crying in our chairs because we are the only space where you feel important, where you feel seen. This is something we treasure because in our environment you feel cared for enough to be yourself even if you're not feeling ok.

We love that!

Allowing the crazy people in our neighbourhood to gaze at you while we work alongside you.

By choosing to come into Gilt to get your hair done, you have welcomed my team and myself to share in your adventures in this world.

We are incredibly grateful for this privilege.

Much love

Leonie xx


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