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Have you noticed a huge difference in the way your hair is feeling lately??

Updated: Apr 1

Have you noticed a huge difference in the way your hair is feeling lately, does your hair feel like it has burnt the candle at both ends? Does it feel blah & nah

When you comb your hair, does it feel like you have to coax the comb through to the ends of your hair, like trying on those sexy heels that are a wee bit small?

If you answered yes to any of those, I am afraid to tell you … babes!? Your hair is flustered and suffering from dehydration. The battered ends of your hair need an elixir and salon magic lotions.

Your hair needs retail therapy!!!! As well as a day in the salon to feel nurtured, loved and protected just like we ladies need.

First up.. Take a look at what you are using daily on your hair from shampoo and conditioner to styling and finishing products. These may not be meeting your hair’s nutritional needs or even giving you the level of hair protection that your hair requires. Next time you’re getting your hair done, bring your home haircare into the salon and talk to your hairdresser about whether or not they are meeting your hair needs. It is quite normal to change your home haircare as products are generally made to address hair pain points. Once these have been rectified you will no longer reap the benefits of these hair products and in turn overload your hair.

The most important armour you can give your hair when it’s physically exhausted is a treatment - this can be an in-salon treatment or take home retail product.

In salon hair treatments are by far the best way to kickstart your hair back to gorgeous soft shiny locks. At Gilt we have a variety of hair masks, liquids and oils, along with bespoke shampoo scalp treatments.

Home retail hair treatments

Before you purchase a hair mask I recommend you talk to a salon professional like me to make sure your hair’s pain points are being met. Even though beauty magazines are a great resource, as are Google and retail shop assistants, none are trained hair professionals. We know the science behind your hair and scalp plus how the damage occurred and how long it will take to remedy.

Longer options in hair hydration

One of my favourite hair tips for added shine and moisture is what is called a “clear gloss”. This is a non-pigmented semi-permanent colour with the benefit of adding a gorgeous, luscious shine to the hair’ as well as some longer hair conditioning properties (without the commitment of a hair colour and its upkeep).

Keratin hair treatment

Keratin hair treatments are a much longer lasting hair treatment. It's like botox for the hair. They add more protein called keratin into the hair strand which temporarily acts as a kind of hair polyfiller. This helps hydrate hair and reduce frizz and as an added bonus can sometimes smooth out hair curls too.

Lastly, be sure to book your hair appointments for every five to six weeks. Regular hair appointments will help keep your hair in optimum condition.


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