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Hair Tips, Advice for the Love of Men!

Mens grooming has come a long way from when I was growing up! I have very fond memories of my dad wearing short stubby shorts and a singlet with socks and jandals, holding on dearly to his six pack of beers while brushing out the overgrown hair and shaving fluff on his face. Now my dad is impeccably groomed and prefers a bottle of wine while dining out. Did I have influence? Damn right I did! There is nothing more appealing than a man who takes good care of himself. Even better if they enhance your outfit!

As we are heading into the party at the end of the year, it’s time to focus Gilt’s undivided attention on our men!

On that note … Blokes please get behind Movember this month as your health is important to those who love you! #movember

Scalp and Hair Maintenance

Men like women do need to use a good shampoo! Men are more likely to have irritable scalps and can suffer from oily, dry, limp or fluffy hair.

The horror of getting older! Whilst women deal with the reality of going grey, men seem to look effortless during this transition. Unfortunately for men though, hair that was once dense and thick now has scalp poking through. There’s that dreaded moment when you look in the mirror and realise that you’re thinning on top. Reaching your mid-40s and noticing this is quite a win!

We have an extensive range of at-home hair care products that can help ease any fears of hair loss and make you feel like a solution is at hand. We also have many other shampoos available for other hair and scalp issues. My top recommendation for gents are:

System Professional Balance Shampoo - a gentle shampoo with LipidCode for deep hair Regeneration (helps your hair to stay on your head), followed by

System professional Balance Energy Serum to help decrease hair loss by strengthening hair and anchoring the core of your hair to help strengthen it.

We also have the three-step Nixion range which helps to stimulate the scalp while encouraging a better flow of nutrients. This strengthens your hair on the outside to help stop new hair growth from breaking. Ask your stylists next time you visit the salon and they will advise you on the product best suited to your hair needs.

Hair trends for men

Here are a couple of haircuts to inspire you on your next visit with us at Gilt.

Ivy League

Classic shapes like this give a polished look to any gentleman’s wardrobe for nine to five weekdays plus a sexy slept in look over the weekend.

The technique used in these cuts gives a softness and leaves length in the right places. The shape leaves enough length to give the wearer the option of either sweeping the sides back or wearing them straight down.

Rock n Rolla

These shapes hail back to the late sixties and allude to a soft roughness and punk undercurrent to achieve this look, The beauty of these haircuts is they don't need to be frequently washed or maintained. Actually the more lived in these cuts are, the cooler they look.

Sharp Fade

These shapes are hard, tight and absolutely aggressive, and send the message that you’re taking care of business. They show the skin around the ears and nape and there is a strong disconnection with the top and the sides as the hair on top is about an inch longer (not for the faint of heart!). We recommend styling these shapes when the hair is wet.

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