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Curly Hair! The truth & the tips.

Curly hair can have the most enchanting whimsical mysterious allure but also be the most frustrating fluffy wild and annoying matter that feels just plonked on the top of your head!

The most common question that I get asked is “Why do my curls have no definition or go fluffy?”

The answer is simple: it comes down to moisture & hydration.

Curly hair can be fine, normal, thick and limp or dry and coarse. It’s important to be aware of each of these different hair types and textures as they affect the results of hair product choices. There is no one size fits all approach to managing curly hair. We always recommend a full salon consultation for this service. Your stylist will talk about your hair needs and which formula could work well for you.

I will share some gems of information that may help you achieve the perfect curly hair each day and give you more confidence when speaking with your hairstylist next time you visit the salon.

Tips to make your curls more manageable

  • Curly fine hair works better with everyday shampoo and conditioner formulas which are light and hydrating. Anything more conditioning than this could make your hair feeling limp and your curls lifeless.

  • Curly fine to normal hair – only apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of your hair.

  • Dry, coarse hair needs more moisture and hydration than fine hair. Choose hair shampoo and conditioner formulas that have more moisture and weight which adds more control and a lot more bounce in your curls.

  • Try out curly hair styling products before you buy when you get your regular haircut. Make sure your stylist styles your hair with this product so you can see how to apply it and how the product feels when your hair has dried. Here are some formula options

● mousse

● gel creme

● creme

● serum.

  • We suggest not rubbing your freshly washed curls with a towel as this will only cause more tangles. Instead, we recommend squeezing out the water using your towel.

  • Do not brush wet curly hair with a hairbrush. This will overly stretch your hair causing your curl to lose definition and increase the frizz. Instead use a wide tooth comb or, even better, a tangle teaser. Another great tip is to comb your locks while you still have your conditioner or hair mask in your hair.

  • Invest in a great dry styling product such as a hair serum like Oil Reflections by Wella or a BB creme for your hair like Eimi Perfect Me.

  • Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a way to reduce frizz.

Hair Cutting Tips

When it comes to hair cutting, we would recommend asking for layers and texturing as they can take out a lot of weight which can help you manage your curl. Be very careful asking for a fringe as curly hair jumps up a lot once dry, especially if you prefer to leave the salon with straight hair.

Hair Colouring Tips

When it comes to lightening your curls, the best way to add definition is through a technique called kaleidoscope colouring which is adding three to four different colours onto the mid length and ends. Different colours add depth, warmth and lighter tones without making your hair dry. This adds more movement to your hair by attracting texture.

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