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Hair Extensions 

Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Great Lengths keratin bond extensions are the chosen extension that Gilt Hair Salon prefer to use and promote. Keratin Bond Extensions are natural hair which have keratin bonds  that are  delicately attached to your own hair and expand and contract with water, while never pinching and causing breakage to your hair. The discreet keratin bonds sit flat and mould with your natural hair without being obvious at the roots and have a wonderful natural hair flow. 

Our keratin bond extensions can last anywhere from four months to six months and give instant natural volume and length and hair colour vibrancy.


Consultations are complimentray,  during this process we explain the benefits of the Hair extensions, colour match the hair to your hair, place the order for your extentions,  go over maintenance required for your extensions. Then book your appointment to have this service done. 


How much are the hair extensions?

Keratin Bonds are priced at $170 per packet. 


How much is a consultation?

At Gilt Hair Salon our consultations for hair extensions are free.


What happens after the consultation?

Once you have made the decision to have Hair extensions we will take a 50% deposit to secure your appointment and order your hair. This deposit is not refundable. 


How do I look after the Hair extensions at home? 

We recommend at the time of purchasing your hair extensions to also consider investing in the Great lengths Hair Brush as well as the correct Shampoo & Conditioner these purchases can either be an add on or be built into your quote. We will cover the care instructions with you at the time of your extension appointment. You will recieve a booklet to take home. There is a two week check appointment where we can check your extensions. We also can book an maintence appointment at 8 weeks. 


How long does it take to have the extensions put in?

Depending on how many extensions are required it can take between 1 to 4 Hours. 


How do you match my hair colour to the extensions?

We have over 100 shades. We use the hair swatches mixing shades together until we get the perfect match to your hair. We also have high fashion colour swatches which give your hair the edgy colour work without compromising your hair condition.

Do Hair extensions make my hair thicker? 

Keratin bonds make the hair instantly thicker and can also fill the ends of hair which leaves the hair feeling thicker and fuller. 

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